Written on 10:53:00 PM by S. Potter

Basecamp project management and collaboration I just signed up for a free BaseCamp account. This is the web application that generated a lot of buzz last year because it was developed by Ruby on Rails (RoR) creator David Hansson, while he was developing RoR. BaseCamp is supposed to be a web-based project management tool. However, after watching David's talk at Roskilde (on I guess "project management" is too much of a supercharged phrase to be applied to this web application. David also seemed to imply that it is more of an application to aid collaboration rather than manage it. I thought it would be completely amazing considering all the hype. Currently I am only luke warm on the product, but perhaps I need to use it more before I really start to like it. Up to now this is what I have noticed.


  • Nice design
  • Nice AJAX usage (mostly)


  • Waay too simplistic
  • Not enought functionality

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