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Written on 11:06:00 AM by S. Potter

For those of you that don't know, I live in Champaign-Urbana (yes, birthplace to both Jennie Garth [90210] and Roger Ebert [film critic]) and have yet to meet enough techies. So my mission currently is to start a Python User Group for C-U. I have named it IlliPy, for reasons that should be blatantly obvious to the avid Python freak living in C-U. While I would like the group to have a monthly or quarterly (depending on number of people interested) tech talk/presentation and perhaps a book club, I also wanted to initiate some open source projects with other group memebers. These open source projects do not need to be purely Python only, but need to be related. Another angle I wanted to pursue is to also include a couple of talks on Ruby vs. Python, because there is a lot of overlap plus a lot of significant differences too. In fact, Python incorporated a Ruby feature into 2.4 because it worked so nicely in Ruby. If you are not a Python freak, but would like to get involved, fear not! Please come along to find more out about Python. I should also state for the record that you do not need to be a programmer by profession to participate. There seems to be a number of non-professional Python programmers out there (see this podcast for a Python fan that is not a programmer). Our first kickoff meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 26, 2006 @ 7pm at Giuliani's (where the old Green Street Coffee Shop used to be and next to Murphy's Pub). To be informed of updates to the kickoff meeting or other events, please feel free to subscribe to the announcement-only mailing list.

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  1. S. Potter |

    I should mention I already have 4-5 people subscribed to the announcements mailing list so there should be more than just myself at the conference room in the back of Guilliani's.


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