J2EE vs. FastCGI

Written on 10:29:00 PM by S. Potter

After a month hiatus I return... Here is a link to a reasonable (meaning non-emotional) discussion of J2EE vs. FastCGI on the issue of scaling. One side note to the discussion that is mentioned several times in this blog entry is how FastCGI's API is extremely simple whereas J2EE's is extremely, well, not. It isn't a completely fair comparison since many developers use Rails, TurboGears or Django as a framework around the FastCGI base. However, in my experience with J2EE (even when it first came out), there was always an aura of complexity in the specification due to its inherent level of abstraction. Rails and TurboGears (sorry I have never used Django on any production-worthy project) both have an aura of simplicity from their inception. Another point I would like to make regarding Rails, TurboGears and Django is how different each of these frameworks differ in their approach to offer simplicity. While I am hopeful for the future of all three of these projects only time will tell if they will retain the simplicity they so vehemently publicize.

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