Are you a Pig or a Chicken?

Written on 8:06:00 PM by S. Potter

Grey's Anatomy fans amongst us may remember an episode last season (season two) where a patient's boyfriend introduced us to the idea of whether you are a Pig or a Chicken in a relationship. The idea is that when you have a nice greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs, you have the Pig who is completely committed to delivering the breakfast and the Chicken who is only involved in contributing to the breakfast. So in the Grey's Anatomy episode the boyfriend was trying to be a Pig in his relationship and be fully committed to his heavily pregnant girlfriend. For me this wasn't a new concept, having read about Scrum as a software project management practice or adaptive process (if we are really forced to use the word "process") over the last 3 years. Now in Scrum the idea is the same, except applied to the software project not a relationship between two people. The Pigs are generally the people who are 100% committed to the project/product (e.g. Developers, DBAs, BAs, QAs, etc.) and the Chickens are the people that have a stake in the project but only contribute to the project. They are not 100% committed (e.g. business stakeholders, management, etc.) just involved in the project. Are you a Pig or a Chicken? Pig and Chicken cartoon

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