Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Written on 7:30:00 AM by S. Potter

While I usually do not express views about current affairs and political figures on this blog (except to highlight a point as applied to software), I couldn't let this beautiful day go by without a mention of the sheer delight I am experiencing being freed from the shackles and chains that was Tony Blair's premiership. My only regret is this has come ten years too late. Tony Blair bitten by British bulldog
For those that do not know what our "fabulous" Tony has done domestically in UK, you should watch the British documentary Taking Liberties released earlier this summer. You can view the trailer below: If you still want to know more about the police state in UK created by Blair (all in the convenient name of "terrorism"), just ask Jean Charles de Menezes...oh wait, you can't. This Brazilian man was shot dead by Blair's police state at the Stockwell Tube station on the London underground. He was NOT affiliated to the London bombings in 2005 or any other terrorist plot or organization.

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