Twitter4R Revamp

Written on 9:14:00 AM by S. Potter

While nothing has yet to be release for Twitter4R since version 0.1.0, it has not be standing still. A number of changes will be released within the next few business days. Firstly, I will be releasing Twitter4R 0.1.1 with just two public API changes (and one internal change):

  • [PUBLIC] SSL support
  • [PUBLIC] Proxy support
  • [INTERNAL] Migration from RSpec 0.8.2 to 1.0.x
Secondly, I will also be releasing Twitter4R 0.2.0 very soon after 0.1.1, which will contain a number of API changes. These changes are mostly documented in the comments of ticket #6 in Twitter4R's Retrospectiva project. I plan writing much more RDoc documentation for 0.2.0 and subsequent 0.2.x releases. Lack of documentation was a problem with the 0.1.0 release. The reasoning for the quick succession of releases of Twitter4R is so that 0.1.x versions can have the same public API, whereas 0.2.x signifies a change in API to allow us to cover more of the Twitter REST API without cluttering the Ruby API too much. A major reason for the API revamp was to hide some of the very unRESTful and asymmetric things the Twitter team have exposed in their public API. If any of the Twitter team are reading this, I recommend RESTful Web Services. I admit to dropping the ball on the next release of Twitter4R gladly, because it is true. I violated the first rule of agile development: Do not bite off more than you can chew! I apologize and will learn from it. Thanks for your patience.

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