Twitter4R 0.2.0 Release

Written on 12:01:00 PM by S. Potter

It's been almost two weeks, but Twitter4R had some major refactoring and updating between 0.1.1 and 0.2.0. So I hope you will think the wait was worth it. As usual you can grab the latest Ruby Gem (once all Rubyforge mirrors have synced) with: sudo gem install twitter4r. I am still in the process of pushing out the new Ruby Gem to Rubyforge and updating the website for the project, but the release is code complete. Some changes are quite significant in some areas. The basic idea of this release (0.2.0) was to cover the official published Twitter REST API 100% and remove some of the clutter the first two releases of Twitter4R introduced partly due to mirroring Twitter's inconsistent API. In the same fashion as both previous releases of Twitter4R, version 0.2.0 has 100% C0 code coverage via RSpec specifications. I separated out Twitter4R library into various API segments:

I will write a blog entry as an introduction to each segment over the next couple of days. In the meantime I will finish publishing the new website documentation and leave you with the RDoc for version 0.2.0. Updates:

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  1. Hendy |

    Wow this is so cool! Thanks Susan :-)

    And very nice documentation of the Twitter4R library too :)


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