Twitter4R v0.2.0: Extras API

Written on 6:44:00 PM by S. Potter

There are a couple of miscellaneous features in Twitter4R that I wasn't comfortable officially supporting like the featured users method in the Twitter REST API that is documented to do one thing and implemented to do another by the actual Twitter developers. Obviously I don't control what the Twitter developers do, so while I wanted to support this REST API in the library to achieve 100% Twitter REST API coverage I also wanted to emphasize that if the Twitter REST API implementation changes to work as documented then Twitter4R may not work well or at all for this method. To get an Array of Twitter::User objects that represent Twitter's current featured users we would write code like:

gem('twitter4r', '0.2.0')

# Now we must include this extra file import or we will get a NoMethodError

client =
users = client.featured(:users)
Also in the Twitter4R Extras API is a class helper method added to Twitter::Client called from_config which takes up to two arguments. Here is an example:

gem('twitter4r', '0.2.0')

# I have a 'twitter.yml' file in subdir 'config' that I will load credential from.
# This feature of Twitter::Client is in the Extras API and you need to require
# twitter/console to access it.
require 'twitter/console'
config_file = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'config', 'twitter.yml')
twitter = Twitter::Client.from_config(config_file)

# By default the from_config method selects the credentials defined
# for the 'test' environment.  The twitter.yml file will look something like this:
#  test:
#    login: mylogin
#    password: mypasswd
# If, however, we wanted another environment's credentials to be used we pass that 
# in as the second argument to from_config like so...
twitter = Twitter::Client.from_config(config_file, 'dev')
Again here is a link to the Twitter4R v0.2.0 RDoc.

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