Twitter4R v0.2.2 Released

Written on 5:21:00 PM by S. Potter

As solo already noted in the comments for the Twitter4R v0.2.1 Released blog entry from yesterday, version 0.2.2 is already here:) I usually wait 4 hours before I blog about it to let the Rubyforge gem servers sync. Changes in the version 0.2.2 release include:

  • Fixed URI paths for user, messaging and friendship APIs (#25)
  • Added action checks for Twitter::Client methods: #user, #my, #message, #messages, #status, #timeline, #friend (#26)
  • Added 'source' configuration documentation.
  • Added missing attributes for Twitter::User (#28)
The most notable thing is that I add the protected and profile_image_url attributes to the Twitter::User model class, which were missing previously.

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