Twitter4R v0.2.3 Released

Written on 12:50:00 PM by S. Potter

As promised earlier this week Twitter4R v0.2.3 made it out this weekend. Twitter4R v0.2.3 has just been uploaded to Rubyforge in Ruby Gem, tgz and zip formats. It may take up to several hours for the Rubyforge download mirrors to sync, so you may not be able to download it for a while. To upgrade/install using Ruby Gems: $ sudo gem install twitter4r I am in the process of updating the project website. So bear with me while I take care of this. Release Notes:

  • Fixed defect #31 such that passing string screen name as for user argument is handled correctly.
  • Fixed #30 typo: respond_to -> respond_to?
  • Added relevant exception handling for #message(:post, ...) case #32
  • Add ability to pass in Twitter::User object to Twitter::Client#user(...) #33
  • Added stats Rake task
  • Updated RDoc for Twitter::Client#user to warn against using it to get followers of authenticated user and updated ArgumentError raising logic as per #29.

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