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Written on 8:46:00 PM by S. Potter

First off I have been meaning to post an entry letting people know of a recently released Rails application written by Sergio Santos called TwitterNotes that is using the Twitter4R gem. Thanks Sergio (and anyone else that worked on the project - sorry if I left you off). Also Sergio emailed yesterday requesting message paging support with a suggested patch (thanks for contributing back - muchas gracias). This evening I released Twitter4R version 0.2.5 that incorporates the necessary code changes for this support. What does this mean? Previously you would have only been able to get the last 20 sent/received direct messages from the Twitter4R bindings doing something like the following:

messages = client.messages(:sent)
Now you can request specific pages like so:

messages = client.messages(:sent, :page => 2)
The same is true for the :received case. To install the Twitter4R RubyGem simply run the following in your terminal/console:
$ sudo gem install twitter4r
Give the Rubyforge mirrors a few hours to sync if you are only getting Twitter4R v0.2.4. Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous |

    Thanks for mentioning the TwitterNotes application and for releasing the patch so quickly.

    Oh and I'm Portuguese so the thank you expression is 'Obrigado' ;)

  2. S. Potter |

    Sorry Sérgio. And Obrigado! Which in babelfish translates to "debtor", which actually makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks again:)


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