Coming support of DHH [to some extent]

Written on 9:16:00 PM by S. Potter

Since today is National Coming Out Day in the US I thought I would use it somehow in my blog entry. Yes folks I am "coming out" in support of [some of] DHH's decisions. Earlier today I noticed a lot of blog chatter regarding Rails and what various people think it *should* or should not be. While I agree with some of these people's sentiments that DHH is an arrogant ass, I also think he has made *some* smart decisions (though on a number of mid/lower-level issues I think he has it totally wrong). Now reread this paragraph until you get the point that I still think he is an arrogant ass with a God complex. Firstly, let's discuss the "Twitter" issue. Yes, I use Twitter (occasionally), though I see it's biggest impact (for my personal interests) in marketing rather than tweeting every time I use the bathroom (note: I am not part of the look-at-me-NOW-Gawd-damn-it generation - I was a humble 70s baby). In fact, the marketing potential is what drove me to develop Twitter4R in the first place. What I don't like about Twitter is due to their own lack of foresight they desperately tried to blame a framework! An application framework because they couldn't get their act together to do the necessary scalability testing of their whole deployment environment (which includes many things, only one of them is the application framework) before hand. This is the same application framework that got them rolled out into production earlier than they would have with other frameworks. The same framework that allows them NOW to scale to crazy amounts of hits per second! I attempted to follow the dialog between the Twitter developers and Rails Core team, though not too successfully because it occurred through non-interlinked blog posts and comments. However, from what I could gather the Twitter folk seemed to think it should be up to the application framework to create an already baked in way for them to setup replication models. If they were using a PHP framework, they wouldn't have bothered asking since all the DB code is in the view anyway! Why is that the responsibility of the application framework? Now if Rails has somehow prevented them from being able to create ActiveRecord extensions to do this, I might understand, but as far as I can see....this just isn't so. Secondly, the CDBaby rant. If CDBaby took 2 years to release using Ruby/Rails, then they must have had much bigger problems than Rails itself! Sorry to be blunt, but who takes that long anymore, even in a Java stack? Ok, now for some leveling. I still think DHH is an ass and an extremely arrogant ass at that. I still think he has ridiculous ideas about trademarking logos (that he didn't even pay for), definitions of what components are, how vendor/* is better than utilizing Ruby Gems in virtualized or dedicated environments (WTF?) and general dependency loading in Rails. Plus, did I mention I think he is an arrogant ass? Not to mention a former PHP programmer...enough said! Good night.

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  1. Dave Hoover |

    ROTFL. Great post Susan.

  2. S. Potter |

    Glad I could entertain:)

  3. Anonymous |

    Very amusing. Glad there's still someone that can see both sides at once.

    Now that I think about it, his background kinda explains the 500-char line wrap on the Rails source. :D


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