The Democratic debate, Ann Coulter and cryptographic utilities for Ruby application developers

Written on 11:11:00 PM by S. Potter

An unlikely trio, but... After watching the flip flop of Clinton in the Democratic debate, the subsequent carcass ravaging by her competition, UFO spotting by spock (aka Kucinich) and two great stinging one-liners from Joe Biden about the presidential [dis]qualification of candidate 911, I stumbled across the infinitely dim and unimpressive Ann Coutler. She was attempting to justify yet another deliberately outlandish statement she made last week, a desperate bid to remain in the limelight to which she is so addicted. At this point, I remembered I wrote a RubyGem a few weekends ago that might be able to decrypt these events and make sense of it all (well maybe!?). A few weekends ago I released metafusion-crypto as a Ruby Gem. I hadn't announced it yet as it got lost in the shuffle of some personal matters that forced me to take five days off work unexpectedly. So here is the belated introduction to that small, humble Gem. This metafusion sub-project is basically just two utility classes: Metafusion::Crypo::PrivateKey and Metafusion::Crypo::DigitalSignature for application developers that don't want to worry about twiddling bits. To install you only need to do the following:

$ sudo gem install metafusion-crypto
An example of DigitalSignature usage might be:

require 'metafusion/crypto'

priv_key = Metafusion::Crypto.generate_key_pair
# this returns OpenSSL::PKey::RSA object into priv_key

include Metafusion::Crypto
sig = DigitalSignature.from_keys('', 'rsa_key')
original_text = "my clear text message"
crypted_text = sig.encrypt(original_text)
plain_text = sig.decrypt(crypted_text)
puts "It worked - let's celebrate!" if original_text == plain_text
An example of PrivateKey usage might be:

include Metafusion::Crypto
pkey ='mypassphrase')
original_text = 'Yo yo yo.  What up dog?'
crypted_text = pkey.encrypt(original_text)
plain_text = pkey.decrypt(crypted_text)
puts "Let's roll and celebrate - it worked" if original_text == plain_text
I look forward to application developer's feedback. I promise to return to the agile anti-pattern "series" soon. Update: Since two people asked, I have stuck to my tradition of releasing with only 100% C0 code coverage of the project's RSpec examples.

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