2008 Predictions

Written on 2:59:00 PM by S. Potter

Since the end of the year is almost upon us close associates of mine have been asking my predictions for the new year. While obliging them here I suspect in 12 months time I will review this blog posting in (most likely) absolute humiliation and horror as most that make predictions do.

  • Web 2.0 will die in 2008 and Web 3.0 will reach adolescence in comical fashion, but will not receive the same private equity interest of its predecessor.
  • Carbonless Datacenter will be the IT buzz phrase for a good part of 2008.
  • SaaS will morph into yet another acronym (hopefully one that makes more sense in terms of capitalization) that will take into account yet another business model twist.
  • DHH will continue to be perceived by many inside and outside the Ruby/Rails world as an arrogant a$$.
Lastly, I predict that Tony Blair will concede and sincerely apologize for his disastrous 2002 prediction that Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) exist in Iraq that has already caused a much higher death toll (that continues to mount) orders of magnitude higher than the unmistakable military fiasco of the Charge of the Light Brigade. Sorry I forgot Mr Blair doesn't have a sincere atom in his body and this is only a tech prediction list.

Don't outsource your thinking process. Think for yourself!

Written on 10:54:00 PM by S. Potter

In the wirlwind of political turmoil and occasional nuance of late with the upcoming primary elections almost upon us, I realized just how offensive the two-party primary elections ought to be to a "free" country. Why isn't everyone else as outraged as I am? Traversing various circles I see Democrats hashing out their own political differences on foreign policy, social security and the overloaded and antiquated driver's license system to create a unified platform for the general election. As if *ALL* Democrats think the exact same way. Republicans on the other hand are dumb-founded and depressed by the lack of quality mainstream and viable candidate(s), not to mention trying to figure out what on earth their united platform is after a president that has probably done more to harm their party than any other individual in the last 25 years (hey, don't look at me or the Democrats, neither of us voted for him in the first place!:)). Oh, I do enjoy being smug! Being a foreigner I always found it odd that Americans (generally) seem more willing to outsource their political reasoning to one of two political parties (at least in contrast with my European experiences). I have witnessed the deferral of political reasoning to their parties without thinking on so many occasions I have lost count. If their *party* is anti-war, then they need to be too, no questions asked. Alternatively if they are with the *other party* they need to buy into the whole Cheney-masterminded war on terror doctrine, where we must "take the war to the enemy", whatever that means. Now back to the technical world (and this transcends borders). I see the same type of decision/reasoning outsourcing. In 1997, Apple coined the slogan "Think Different". Fast forward 10 years and you have an ever growing Apple fan base that doesn't question (at least not Apple or Jobs), it just doesn't "think". I am not saying Apple hasn't done anything good, but all you Apple fan boys (and girls) just think for yourselves once in a while, puh-lease! To be fair and candid, it is not limited to the Apple fan base. The Linux community (of which I am party) has been a huge propaganda machine for just as long. A friend of mine who is primarily a Windoze user (sorry, I just couldn't resist) suggests that the Linux community has been pushing Linux (or at least certain distributions of it) as "just as usable out of the box as Windows", which he thinks is a sad and pathetic misrepresentation. To be honest, I agree with him. I don't think any Linux distribution is quite as end-user friendly as Windows out of the box and to me Linux is definitely NOT about that. The Ubuntu weekender geeks that desperately try to be the geekiest person in the room should take note (among others). Forget pushing Linux propaganda on others (remember we don't like Jobs-indoctrinated fan boys/girls selling us the Apple way either). Accept Linux for what it is: a more exclusive club that sets the bar higher than the others! Why should we be trying to lower the bar or grade? Let the newbies reach for the higher bar to get started, so we can attract a higher quality user base than the other two options. The BSD community is a great example! I also feel this way on the Ruby front. I do wish all those nuts-oh "Rails rulz" propagandists would steer clear of all the PHP and Java bashing and Rails hyping. Do you really want all the subpar PHP and Java people (the ones that need hype so they can outsource their decision making to move over) in our world? I personally only want to cherry pick the Java, PHP, Python, etc. developers that actually think for themselves and willingly and enthusiastically step over to the Ruby side. In summary, if you want someone else to think on your behalf go ahead it is a "free" country in that respect (if you aren't in a free country remember nobody owns your internal thoughts so you may as well abuse that freedom as much as you can:)!). However, you should also realize that it is only the free-thinkers that don't conform to mass expectations and opinions that are the ones changing things (mostly for the better, but feel free to disagree with me and form your own opinion:)).