2008 Predictions

Written on 2:59:00 PM by S. Potter

Since the end of the year is almost upon us close associates of mine have been asking my predictions for the new year. While obliging them here I suspect in 12 months time I will review this blog posting in (most likely) absolute humiliation and horror as most that make predictions do.

  • Web 2.0 will die in 2008 and Web 3.0 will reach adolescence in comical fashion, but will not receive the same private equity interest of its predecessor.
  • Carbonless Datacenter will be the IT buzz phrase for a good part of 2008.
  • SaaS will morph into yet another acronym (hopefully one that makes more sense in terms of capitalization) that will take into account yet another business model twist.
  • DHH will continue to be perceived by many inside and outside the Ruby/Rails world as an arrogant a$$.
Lastly, I predict that Tony Blair will concede and sincerely apologize for his disastrous 2002 prediction that Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) exist in Iraq that has already caused a much higher death toll (that continues to mount) orders of magnitude higher than the unmistakable military fiasco of the Charge of the Light Brigade. Sorry I forgot Mr Blair doesn't have a sincere atom in his body and this is only a tech prediction list.

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