DataMapper vs. ActiveRecord

Written on 12:17:00 PM by S. Potter

Today I came across a thread on ruby-talk where I responded to the age old question of which Ruby ORM (specifically DM vs. AR). I responded based on my production use of AR, development use of DM and my understanding of Fowler's PoEA of the same names that I have applied in Java and Python countless times. As some readers of this blog might find this discussion interesting, I am linking to my response to the DataMapper vs. ActiveRecord discussion here. The executive summary (for the infinitely lazy) is:

It appears that if DataMapper (the Ruby library) is able to sufficiently hide enough database logic in more complex business logic scenarios, then the DM library might be more beneficial to use when using a legacy database schema where you are not able to create primarily isomorphic relationships between class attributes and table columns. Whereas AR would be a slam dunk and simpler to use in isomorphic schema scenarios where you have control over the database schema.
I will be returning to the Preventing Information Leaks series on Monday/Tuesday (it is already written, I just need to publish).

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