Waking Up From Hibernation

Written on 9:49:00 PM by S. Potter

Just a quick post to say that I will be waking up from OSS and blog hibernation at the beginning of May. I have a stack of bug fixes to apply to Twitter4R for a pretty large 0.3.1 release (in terms of bug fixes and supporting Rails 2.x compatibility). The next two major features on my Twitter4R v0.4.0 release radar are: (a) supporting Ruby 1.9 and (b) adding the newish "track" feature in some capacity (probably via XMPP instead of the REST API on Twitter.com). I also have a couple of minor features to add to the metafusion-crypto gem and finally release the first version of metafusion-rails. Then I will probably abandon OSS work explicit to Rails and write numerous Merb plugins/extensions. The catch up work will likely take 2-3 weeks into May and then hopefully my new venture workload will be significantly smaller to sustain OSS development over the summer months. Thanks for all your patience!