Waking Up From Hibernation

Written on 9:49:00 PM by S. Potter

Just a quick post to say that I will be waking up from OSS and blog hibernation at the beginning of May. I have a stack of bug fixes to apply to Twitter4R for a pretty large 0.3.1 release (in terms of bug fixes and supporting Rails 2.x compatibility). The next two major features on my Twitter4R v0.4.0 release radar are: (a) supporting Ruby 1.9 and (b) adding the newish "track" feature in some capacity (probably via XMPP instead of the REST API on Twitter.com). I also have a couple of minor features to add to the metafusion-crypto gem and finally release the first version of metafusion-rails. Then I will probably abandon OSS work explicit to Rails and write numerous Merb plugins/extensions. The catch up work will likely take 2-3 weeks into May and then hopefully my new venture workload will be significantly smaller to sustain OSS development over the summer months. Thanks for all your patience!

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  1. Cubanlinks |

    I have downloaded 0.3.0, and am having an odd problem that I hope you might be able to help me with. All of this testing is in irb.

    When I authenticate, I get back a true value, indicating success. However, when I try to:

    me = twitter.my(:info)

    I get a runtime error:

    /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/twitter4r-0.3.0/lib/twitter/client/base.rb:34:in 'raise_rest_error': Unauthorized (Twitter::RESTError)

    Can you imagine why Twitter would think I am not authorized?

  2. S. Potter |

    @cubanlinks: You are getting an authorization error, so you may not have provided any login/password credentials when creating the Twitter::Client object or you have given it incorrect credentials.

    You should have something like:
    >> twitter = Twitter::Client.new(:login => 'yourlogin', :password => 'yourpassword')

    prior to this line. Double check your login and password information.

  3. Cubanlinks |

    I did authenticate, but I was using the client.authenticate?(user, pass) syntax. Thanks for the assistance, your syntax is exactly what I needed.

  4. S. Potter |

    @cubanlinks: thanks for the feedback. The Twitter::Client.authenticate?(user, pass) is actually only for the purpose of verifying Twitter user credentials with minimal overhead, the client object will not keep the credential information for later use. The only way to do this is via instantiation at present. I will add this as a TODO item for the project to beef up the documentation to make this clearer.


  5. Unknown |


    I am getting the same unauthorized error, used

    twitter = Twitter::Client.new(:login => 'yourlogin', :password => 'yourpassword')

    with correct password and login.
    what can be the problem?
    thanks for help.

  6. S. Potter |

    @zero: Last month Twitter.com REST API requires all clients use OAuth authentication. Twitter4R v0.5.0+ (currently v0.5.3 is the latest stable version and recommended) supports OAuth authentication.

    You will need to register your application with Twitter and get a consumer key and secret. Then each user will need to authorize the consumer/client to access their account (and behind the scenes the Twitter4R configuration needs to know the access key and secret for each user instead of the login and password.

    More information about this can be found at the twitter4r-users Google Group:



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