Twitter4R Development Releases

Written on 10:04:00 PM by S. Potter

Over the last week or so I have been putting Twitter4R sources in GitHub and getting the on-the-fly GemSpec to work "safely" enough for GitHub servers. Tonight (June 30) I decided I would announce Twitter4R development micro-releases available only via the GitHub gem server. To setup your environment to install the latest development release of Twitter4R: the most complete Ruby client bindings for the REST API, please read HowTo: Install GitHub Development Releases Official documentation will still exist through the official Rubyforge project site of Twitter4R, but any documentation related to current development tasks, features, bugfixes will now be documented on the Official Twitter4R GitHub Wiki. If you want to keep an eye on the Git repository, feel free to watch the mbbx6spp/twitter4r GitHub repository.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Not sure where I should leave questions about twitter4r, so I picked the most recent post on the topic!

    I've been playing around with twitter4r - great stuff, thanks for writing it!

    I've also been reading the official twitter API.

    Is it the case that messaging is limited by the API to just sending direct messages to other users? There's no way to post tweets ?

    Thanks in advance for help on this!

  2. S. Potter |

    The Twitter4R library is able to update status, add/remove friends (aka follow/unfollow users), direct message, generating user social graph, account information, add/remove favorite tweets, plus many more features.

    If you have specific questions about certain APIs in the libraries please join the Google Group twitter4r-users and post a question.

    Please refer to the following RDocs, which might answer any of your specific questions first:

    Also there are new features in the Twitter4R v0.3.1 development gem in GitHub which is installable by:

    $ sudo gem install mbbx6spp-twitter4r --source=



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