Free Coffee for Voting

Written on 10:50:00 AM by S. Potter

As if anyone needs any more enticement to vote this election season, Starbucks has decided to reward people who cast their vote Tuesday November 4th, 2008 with a free Tall coffee. I do not believe you have to vote for anyone in particular:) Just go and vote. While you are enjoying your free coffee at Starbucks, perhaps explore the latest Merb 1.0 release candidate. To install simply do the following:

$ sudo gem update --system
$ gem --version # make sure it is at least 1.2.0
$ sudo gem install merb
Now to create a new Merb application do the following:
$ merb-gen app your-app-name-here
$ cd your-app-name-here
# now start editing the files you need to edit for you app.
# I promise more tutorials will be coming once I have 
# free time

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  1. Anonymous |

    I know it's not about your post topic, but I was unable to open my GMail so I'm sending it here.

    Check this news about Rails, PHP and finally saying that Merb rules.


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