CUBarCamp: Champaign-Urbana's Tech Meetup 4/22 (tentatively)

Written on 12:04:00 AM by S. Potter

Just a quick post to mention that with the assistance of Brian Marick and hopefully a few more people in the weeks to come, BarCamp is coming to the Champaign-Urbana area and is to be held at the Collective Turf Coworking space in downtown Urbana (110 W. Main Street, Urbana, IL - opposite Crane Alley and above Priceless Books). To keep updated on the latest developments and participate in the event organizing join the CUBarCamp Google Group. Hope to see you there!

Coworking Space in Champaign Urbana (Illinois)

Written on 3:26:00 PM by S. Potter

Tweet from @SusanPotter about starting a Champaign-Urbana Coworking environment/venue Since I moved to Champaign-Urbana, IL (aka CU) in 2005 I have been looking for work space that would provide me with a more productive environment and social yet professional outlet to work in since I work primarily on telecommute contracts and lack face time with clients. Today I decided that I will setup a local coworking space for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers in and around the Champaign-Urbana area to fulfill my needs as a consultant and fulfill my new venture urge of late. Essentially coworking is defined as the following:

Coworking is a movement to create cafe-like community/collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents.
This is exactly how I imagined my dream work space since I work a lot in coffee shops all around town throughout the work week and even during the weekend sometimes and find it surprisingly (initially) productive. I have seen these types of office spaces in larger metro areas and the terminology used tends to be different from place to place. Some terms used to mean a community of independent professionals sharing office space, facilities and amenities that I have come across on my travels include:
  • Coworking or Co-working (obviously)
  • Collaborative work environments (not used in the context of a company job description:))
  • Work Space Cooperative (this might be organized at the top levels slightly differently though)
  • Shared Work Space
  • Serviced Office Space
There are probably some slight variants on the definitions of these as compared to that of coworking, so some places will have more structure and a more formal setting, whereas coworking itself strives to create a more creative and collaborative environment for independent professionals. If you are in the CU (East Central Illinois) area and would be interested in working in such a coworking space, please drop me a line at any of the following locations: Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur in another area or region that is part of a coworking environment experience there? What do you like about your coworking space and why? What would you change about it if you could?