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Written on 10:05:00 AM by S. Potter

I just discovered that Hashrocket has a video book club where people can join in the conversation with a live videocast on USTREAM or watch older episodes on their own schedule. They are currently going through Russ Olson's Design Patterns in Ruby. This is a great idea, kudos to Hashrocket. I watched the latest episode on the Strategy pattern and had a couple of thoughts I would love Desi and the rest of Hashrocket to consider for subsequent episodes:

  • I liked that this specific episode wasn't very long (I know you were a little worried)
  • I think discussing anti-patterns that could be solved with this pattern you are discussing the episode is very valid (as the person sitting next to Desi said). Perhaps that could be explored more. Note: I have only seen that one episode so perhaps you do this in other episodes much more, but if you don't please consider it, because I feel that anti-patterns are very important to identify. Think of the design patterns as the treatment or medicine and the anti-patterns as the symptoms. Physicians need to be acutely aware of the symptoms and symptom combinations to be effective at prescribing the best course of treatment or medication. Therefore we should be teaching software engineers in the same way.
  • Also please consider putting the name of the design pattern under discussion in the title of the video for archival purposes.
Thanks goes to Hashrocket for the great idea and work of putting it together! It's about time the Ruby community starts to mature w.r.t. language-neutral concepts and these efforts will hopefully help those that came into software development from a less formal software engineering education path (I used to be one of them and had to learn from scratch myself) with a little more assistance. It was pretty lonely bookwork and experimental projects for me to learn this stuff when I first started out.

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  1. Desi |

    Hi Susan,
    I am happy to know you are watching and I appreciate the shout out. I passed the link to this blog post on to the rest of Hashrocket as I am going to be out of town for the next weeks and won't be able to really participate except to watch on ustream.



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