So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Ruby & Rails (sort of)

Written on 6:37:00 PM by S. Potter

It's been obvious to many of my close geek comrades that for the last 18-22 months I have been getting more and more frustrated with the Ruby community and the "quality" of products in this space. The quality of people in the Ruby field has been tending towards the average PHP developer (PHP is a gateway drug for programming - i.e. not something to aspire to) and the recent Ruby mindset (as a whole though some dark corners still look interesting) has not been about doing things differently, but rather blending in with mainstream ideas. For some that is exciting as it means not fighting management just to get to use Ruby in the enterprise. I understand, I really do. Fighting management on technical platform is never fun.

I think it is safe to say the direction of the major libraries and frameworks that are prominent in the Ruby landscape will suffer from very similar conceptual limitations as the Java, J2EE and JEE frameworks that DHH once ridiculed (for good reason). Of course, this is all to be expected in the usage lifecycle of a programming language. In fact, I believe I predicted that I would get bored of Ruby in a blog post in 2006 within the next few years though it doesn't make this any easier.

Thanks mates!

I wish all friends in the Ruby and Rails worlds luck (I think you'll need it) and I thank (ex-)coworkers and project collaborators that have taught me something new for all the intellectual stimulation you have provided me. I am sad to be saying goodbye to those of you.


I look forward to grazing new pastures. I will be working on my next generation financial products using the right tool for each primary job. Currently most of the Finsignia Platform is quite back-end and different pieces could take advantage of Haskell's concurrency and/or Erlang distribution. Yet there will inevitably need to be (at some point) rich web applications for UI, so (J)Ruby and Rails I might come knocking on your door again, but for now, adiĆ³s.

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  1. samaparicio |

    Keep us updated on the Haskell and Erlang things you learn! I've been toying with ejabberd, an Erlang XMPP server and so far it's all good.


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